Stoffi ♥ Streaming

Listen to YouTube and SoundCloud tracks directly from Stoffi. Create playlists, share music.

Instant streaming at your fingertips.

Support artists

You can send money to artists to show your support.

When you send money you can ensure that all money goes to the artist and no one takes a cut on the way.

Latest features

The latest version is all about more music. You can now stream music from SoundCloud and Internet radio.

The new plugin system allows you to extend your music experience even further. Add beautiful visualizers or install filters which can manipulate the audio.

Sharing playlists and music can now be done with a single click. All links will automatically start playing in Stoffi.




More features

Any music

Instant streaming from SoundCloud and YouTube.

Out of your face

Silent upgrades and automatic scanner.

Social vibes

Share on Twitter and Facebook in a single click.

Keep control

Remote control via website or iPhone app.


...integrates nicely with Windows 7...

- WinAjuda


...the interface is very beautiful...

- Softonic


...easy to use and a pleasure to look at

- 3D2F